Evidence - About Lara Logan

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Lara Logan incident - the truth!

As a fan of the CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan, I (like many others around the World), was horrified to read of the alleged attack on her in Tahrir Square, Egypt back in February. After hearing the official CBS statement - I, like so many others sought to find out more and understand exactly 'what' seemingly went so badly wrong on that night. I wanted to find out exactly what happened to Lara Logan - and importantly, learn about her welfare and how she is doing since.
Whatever did happen to Lara - it's important that the world must now respect her privacy and dignity.

HOWEVER, I personally find it very irresponsible of CBS to release a statement about 'sustained beating' and 'sexual assault', without giving ANY further updates whatsoever.
I believe that CBS are guilty of fuelling the mass of theories that have swamped the internet - as people clamber for 'the truth'. It is BECAUSE of CBS's lack of further information - that the wild claims have emerged.
I live in the UK. Just imagine the fallout, if tomorrow, a UK newspaper printed the headline, 'Cheryl Cole subjected to serious sex attack' - and then said 'no further updates will be given'...leading to a complete media blackout! There would be an outcry for more news!

Lara Logan is a fantastically talented, courageous journalist (not to mention incredibly beautiful). She has conducted some deeply touching and sole-searching interviews on wounded soldiers in combat. She has no problem in asking tough questions. It's time now - that a representive of Lara Logan and/or CBS make a further announcement - to give the public an 'official' version of events.

Until then... I have launched this journalistic online investigation - and welcome ANYONE with any evidence, to contribute.
  • Who - was with Lara that evening? (Who was her crew? How many? names? What security did they have?
  • How did Lara's security allow her to be seperated?
  • What happened next, after that (now infamous) last photo was taken?
  • who witnessed 'whatever happened' to her.
  • What was her crew doing at this time? Where were they (and her security)?
  • Where did Lara go (get taken to)? Who by? How? What time?
  • When did Lara Logan re-emerge? What time? Where? Who saw her/saved her?
  • Is it true that Lara returned to the Four Season hotel that night? What time? How did she get there? Who with? What state was she in?
  • What happened after returning to the Four Seasons hotel?
  • What happened on Lara's return to the US?
  • What has been happening to Lara Logan since Feb 11th? How is she now (physically/mentally)
  • What does the future hold for Lara? - Will she resume her career? What is she doing now?
  • Her first 'post-attack' appearance - at American University. Witnesses? Who spoke to her? What was her physical appearance like. How did she seem?
These questions need answers! Why? Because in my investigation to date, I have found nothing but hearsay and speculation. Here - I want to collect ALL evidence, and to make this the best source for people to seek 'the truth'.

I will NOT ACCEPT any type of evidence that doesn't carry any credibility. I will gladly accept witness accounts, if accompanied by the witness name and some form of detail.
By all means add photo's, video links and links to other websites - BUT bear in mind, if it's nothing but conjecture, it will be deleted from here.
Can we build a community that can genuinely investigate the Lara Logan incident - and provide answers that CBS can't?